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Dominic Saadi, Alice Zhao



Heroes of Redwood

I was born in London, UK but grew up in Bangladesh. Straddling between two different cultures never fazed me because I had parents who were always open-minded. My dad is a pilot. He opened my eyes to different ways of living and thinking.

I remember when I first heard his voice over the inflight announcements. He was eloquent with his words. He sounded intelligent and respectable, but always had a bit of humor mixed in.

He loved what he did. I’ve always admired that about him.

While Danny was looking for a framework to quickly scale his own project, Tape, he found Redwood. Tape.sh was born out of a need to communicate quickly and easily with his friend so that they could collaborate effectively. Today, it's a tool used by thousands of users, all built on Redwood. Talk about dogfooding!

At Redwood, Danny is a core maintainer who strives to "keep things simple". From bug bashing to implementing pre-rendering to co-spearheading directives, he’s excited for opportunities to simplify complexities and improve developer experience.

You can talk nerdy with him, especially about Typescript! @dannychoudhury