Two years ago, we announced RedwoodJS v0.1. Today, we’re celebrating the release of v1.0.

That's right, Redwood 1.0 is now available! πŸš€ Thank you to the 300+ contributors that made this day possible. For a wrap on this epic milestone and a peek about what's ahead, read Redwood founder Tom Preston Werner's blog post Announcing RedwoodJS 1.0 and $1M Funding.

The rest of this issue points you to discussions on our official launch announcement and all the exciting events we have planned for this week.

For those of you who have an app and want to get developing on v1.0, you know what to do:

yarn redwood upgrade

And for those of you who've been waiting for this day, are you ready to start your Redwood adventure?




Redwood Example Apps

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